Available now at, Steal My Heart Cowboy is the first novel in Jillie’s new Hearts of Mule Stop series. Set in Mule Stop, Wyoming, it features characters from her Lost Mine series:

When modern-day Melody Porter arrives in 1894 Wyoming with a bar of historic gold she never meant to steal, the last thing she needs is Sheriff Zeb Henderson’s dark, brooding eyes falling on her. She and the gold need to get back to her time to save her bad-luck, thieving brother.

But steel-hearted lawman Zeb is drawn to beautiful, secretive Melody. When a gunslinging cardsharp and an unscrupulous banker threaten them both, and the ladies of Mule Stop gang up on unconventional Melody, Zeb discovers just how much trouble she’s brought to his town.

Can she get back to her time to save her bad-luck brother? Or will Sheriff Zeb Henderson be too good to leave behind?

(These stories contain love scenes.)

Deliver My Heart Cowboy, second in the Hearts of Mule Stop series, is available now at Amazon:

When Bart James sends off for a mail-order bride he doesn’t expect her to come from the future!

Book Three of the Hearts of Mule Stop series:

Coming in 2022.

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